“I’m not crazy, I’m a chainsaw juggler”

A man goes to see a doctor about a chronic headache. A routine visit takes an unexpected turn, when the patient claims to be a chainsaw juggler on his way to North Korea, where he is meant to perform at the deceased dictator Kim Il-Sung’s birthday party.

“Chainsaw Juggler” is promptly escorted to a mental asylum, where he is diagnosed with acute psychosis and put on heavy medication. After meeting his fellow drugged-out patients and fearing that he is going to miss his flight to North Korea, he decides to escape.
Based on a true story.


We the filmmakers fell in love with the story of the Chainsaw Juggler and want to expand it into a feature film, where the Juggler has to flee through Russia to make it to his big gig in North Korea. If you liked the short film and want to keep posted about the progress of the feature film project, please enter you e-mail address below.

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